Asset Lifecycle Management

We have a fresh perspective on how technology assets should be used, from procurement and financing, through to data-wiping and being redeployed.

Asset Lifecycle Management

Asset Lifecycle Management allows you to get even more value from your technology and IT equipment. By choosing from a selection of services, and with the option of wrapping them into your lease payment, your business will be ensuring its assets are managed efficiently - from start to finish

What is Asset Lifecycle Management?

A well-designed Asset Lifecycle Management plan will establish how your business purchases, deploys, maintains, and decommissions its technology, and IT equipment.

With Vestone Capital by your side at every stage, you’ll have some of Australia’s market-leading service providers making sure your people have all the right tools when they need them most.

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Working closely with your business, we will help identify and map the IT equipment and technology your team currently use, as well as what they may need in the future. By clearly documenting your asset requirements and taking the time to understand your business strategy, we will help tailor your Asset Lifecycle Management plan to the size and shape of your business.

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Purchasing and financing

Using your tailored Asset Lifecycle Management plan, we will work with your procurement team to ensure your preferred supplier and equipment is matched with the most suitable finance – taking the time to make sure you’re receiving the most effective solution that meets your business requirements.

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Operating and maintenance

Vestone Capital and our asset management service providers will be on-call to provide - when necessary - pre-deployment and deployment services such as, imaging, customisation, asset tagging and delivery to site as well as routine maintenance - making sure your business hits the ground running, as effectively and efficiently as possible.

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Upgrading and decommissioning

Once your tech or equipment has reached the end of its useful life, and is outdated or reducing productivity, we will provide decommissioning services required to ensure a seamless transition or upgrade, including collection from site, certified data wiping and secure disposal or recycling.

Leveraging the benefits of Asset Lifecycle Management

Maximise the value of your technology.

When you choose to manage your technology with Vestone Capital you can take advantage of these benefits across your asset’s lifecycle:

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Integrated finance

Our Vestone Capital Asset Lifecycle Management service is seamlessly integrated with our finance solutions, helping you preserve working capital for core business investments, while still being able to access the latest equipment – rolling costs such as installation and warranty into one easy payment.
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Dedicated team

Whether you need support with your Asset Lifecycle Management plan, or help defining the lifecycle services best suited to your business - your dedicated and single-point of contact at Vestone Capital, will ensure you won’t be managing multiple service providers to get the answers you need.
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Improved cashflow

More effectively manage your costs by knowing your payments are fixed upfront and may cover the decommissioning and recycling of your technology and equipment.
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Enjoy the flexibility to return, continue renting, or upgrade your equipment, when it works for your business. Whether it’s time to update your technology to better suit your team that is working remotely, or you’ve decided to add new equipment to your existing contract - the choice is yours.
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Secure disposal

Benefit from access to market-leading asset disposal services and eliminate the costs of holding and managing obsolete equipment. Vestone Capital’s service providers can assist you to ensure risk management and regulatory policies are met when destroying sensitive data.
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Comprehensive tracking

Take advantage of our online asset management platform to keep track of your technology and equipment – enabling you to make smarter decisions as you efficiently manage equipment throughout the asset lifecycle.

Frequently asked questions

Understanding more about Asset Lifecycle Management

If you have additional questions, speak with our team today.

Why should my business consider a Vestone Capital Asset Lifecycle Management solution?

When rolling out new tech in your business, planning is crucial. Unlike large upfront costs associated with purchasing equipment outright, a Vestone Capital Asset Lifecycle Management solution allows you to access new equipment from day one, knowing your maintenance, asset management and future decommissioning costs are all taken care of through your known upfront and fixed repayments – meaning you can manage your budgets more effectively.

Should we still consider an Asset Lifecycle Management solution, even when we have cash on our balance sheet?

One of the benefits of a Vestone Capital Asset Lifecycle Management solution is that it allows you to preserve your existing working capital for core business investments.

Additionally, unlike your own surplus funds on balance sheet, utilising our fully integrated lease payments will offer you the ability to bundle your upcoming maintenance and decommissioning costs into a tailored repayment plan.

We are conscious of the costs and risks of holding onto our obsolete equipment, but not sure how Asset Lifecycle Management would help.

Unlike an outright purchase, deploying a well-thought-out Asset Lifecycle Management plan will allow you to eliminate the costs associated with holding and managing obsolete equipment through the flexibility to upgrade and replace your equipment during the term.

With the support of our market-leading service providers, we’re able to provide dedicated asset disposal services, meaning the regulatory compliance cost and risk of disposing sensitive technology and equipment is transferred away from you, ensuring greater risk management of your business’ sensitive data.

Does Vestone Capital follow Asset Lifecycle Management best practice?

Yes. Our team of asset lifecycle specialists will collaborate with our market-leading service providers to deploy the latest finance products and industry best practice to help design the most effective solution for the equipment you need. Whether starting off with an asset discovery and tracking project, or recommending the most appropriate deployment or redeployment approach, we utilise the most current strategies through the asset lifecycle.

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