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You’ll have access to deep and extensive asset, product and industry expertise when you choose Vestone Capital as your financier and asset manager.

Let’s work together

With over 25 years of leasing experience in the Australian market, when you team up with Vestone Capital, you’ll be gaining access to in-depth industry and asset knowledge, and innovative solutions.
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Providing tailored solutions

Our Vestone Capital team know how to design the right finance solution for the technology and equipment your clients require. Coupled with Vestone Capital services such as Asset Lifecycle Management, your clients will be getting even more value from their next technology upgrade.

Solar panels, battery storage units and wind turbines

Experience in your industry

We have experience across a broad range of industries from solar and energy to technology. Our insights allow us to provide your clients with competitive pricing and industry-expertise on a diverse range of equipment, from rolling-out battery storage systems, through to solar panels and complete technology fit outs.

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Tailored finance

We take the time to support your clients with their equipment needs. Whether they are looking for something fully maintained – or not – or need an arrangement to match the length of a given project – we are here to help.

Access to even more choice

We like to keep things simple and easy to understand, and unlike other financiers, we don’t align to a single equipment or technology brand - giving you and your clients more choice.
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Asset Lifecycle Management

Owning and managing technology can be difficult and time-consuming. Our lifecycle services allow your clients to refresh their hardware and seamlessly dispose of out-date equipment.
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Managed Services

With deep expertise in technology finance, we understand the importance of providing managed service options ideal for businesses who require simple and flexible hardware and services solutions.
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Dial-up / Dial-down options

Now, more than ever, clients need options when it comes to managing their short- and medium-term operating budgets. Our flexible pay-for-service solutions provides your clients with access to more ways to access technology.
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White label offering

Elevate your brand even further and provide your clients with a truly end-to-end finance experience. Discover how our white label solutions seamlessly integrate with our other vendor finance services.
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Consolidated billing services

Provide your clients with a seamless experience by using our bill and collect service to bundle and streamline their separate service and maintenance payments into one, easy to manage payment.
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Escrow facilities

If you’ve got big plans and need the solution to make them happen, our escrow agreement provides you the incremental payments necessary to turn plans into reality.

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Take advantage of same-day approvals and matrix-based lending, combined with industry and asset knowledge, to set the pace which works for both you and your clients.

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