Transform your business with a chattel mortgage

Unlock the growth potential of your business with flexible chattel mortgages tailored to match your specific financing needs and cash flow requirements.

Finance solutions for long term growth

Vestone Capital’s chattel mortgage services are designed to provide businesses with tailored financing solutions that can help them achieve long-term growth. With a team of trusted equipment loan lenders, Vestone Capital can provide businesses with the funding they need to invest in critical projects and expand their operations.

Whether your business is looking to lead the way in its industry, maintain its current momentum, or pivot in a new direction, Vestone Capital’s flexible and customised sustainable asset finance solutions can make all the difference.

By partnering with Vestone Capital, businesses can access the funding they need to achieve their goals and take their operations to the next level.

Why choose a chattel mortgage?

Long term

  • Chattel mortgages can help businesses achieve long-term growth by providing the necessary capital to invest in critical projects, acquire new equipment or upgrade existing assets.

Asset ownership

  • Unlike other types of financing, chattel mortgage can allow businesses to secure funding without compromising their ownership of the financed asset.

Reduce repayments

  • With flexible loan terms and repayment periods that can be customised to match a business’s specific needs and cash flow requirements, a chattel mortgage offers businesses the opportunity to reduce their repayments while still acquiring the critical assets they need to operate and grow.

Tax deductible

  • Businesses that use chattel mortgages to acquire assets may be eligible for tax deductions on the interest paid on the loan, as well as depreciation on the asset itself.

Chattel mortgage options

Term options

  • Loan term options can be tailored to suit a business’s specific needs and cash flow requirements

Optional deposits

  • Optional deposits can be added to reduce the loan amount and repayments

Monthly or quarterly repayments

  • Repayment frequency can be chosen as monthly or quarterly to match a business’s revenue cycles

Streamlined approvals

  • Streamlined approvals ensure businesses can secure the funding they need in a timely manner

Giving you more choice

How businesses purchase and use their business-critical assets has changed. It is about time the finance industry changed as well. Your options do not need to end with the type of finance you choose. Taking your situation into account, our Vestone Capital team can provide more choice.

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Asset lifecycle management

Owning and managing technology can be difficult and time-consuming. Our asset lifecycle management solutions allow you to refresh your hardware and seamlessly dispose of out-date equipment – enabling you to focus on what’s important. 


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Managed services

We understand the importance of providing managed service options ideal for businesses who require simple and flexible financing solutions. 

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Complete finance solutions

Gain even more flexibility to tailor another finance solution to your business goals, with access to our escrow facilities, dial-up and dial-down options, sale-and-leaseback, and usage-based solutions. 

Relationships. Built on trust.

We can move faster – and work smarter – together. Keeping in sync with the needs of our clients, brokers and vendors is crucial to how we do things. You can trust us to be there for you – and to prove time and time again why you’ve put your trust in us.

Frequently asked questions

What are the requirements for taking out a chattel mortgage?

To take out a chattel mortgage, the equipment being financed must be used for business purposes.

How do I apply for a chattel mortgage?

Applying for a commercial chattel mortgage is a simple and straightforward process. You can apply for a chattel mortgage directly through Vestone Capital, or you can work with your finance broker to secure the financing you need.

How long does it take for an application to be approved?

We aim for chattel mortgage applications to be approved within 2 business days.

What interest rate can I expect?

The interest rate for a commercial chattel mortgage can vary depending on a number of factors, including the finance term, asset value, and the borrower’s creditworthiness. In general, longer finance terms and higher asset values may result in a lower interest rate, while shorter terms and lower asset values may result in a higher interest rate.

What happens at the end of the chattel mortgage term?

At the end of the chattel mortgage term, the borrower is required to make a final “balloon payment” to fully pay off the loan. Once the balloon payment is made, the borrower will own the asset outright.

What happens if we default on our commercial chattel mortgage?

The specific consequences of defaulting on a commercial chattel mortgage are outlined in the terms and conditions of the loan agreement. We strongly encourage all borrowers to carefully review and understand these terms before entering into a chattel mortgage agreement.

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