Asset finance for medical practices and laboratories

Provide quality care with leading edge equipment

Equip your practice with the latest medical equipment and devices, while preserving your capital with the knowledge that by leasing your medical equipment you can update or upgrade it as you need to. We can tailor medical equipment finance solutions to suit you, your assets and your budgetary needs.

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Who do we finance?

Our medical equipment loans and finance solutions are used across:

  • Public, private and day hospitals
  • Private practices: dental, radiology, optometry, ultrasound, ophthalmology, diagnostic imaging, medical imaging, pharmacy
  • Laboratories
Medical equipment

What medical equipment do we finance?

Helping our clients go further fuels our appetite to explore new types of assets.
While we have in-depth asset knowledge across a variety of asset classes, we are always willing to consider something new.

Medical equipment that we finance includes (but is not limited to):

  • Endoscopes
  • Camera stacks
  • Surgical power tools
  • Electro-surgical systems
  • Monitoring systems
  • Anaesthesia equipment
  • Ultrasounds
  • Dental treatment units
  • X-ray and OPG (3D X-ray)
  • Surgical lasers
  • Refractometers
  • PET scans
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What asset finance options do we offer?

Take advantage of medical equipment financing options that allow you to regularly upgrade outdated and depreciating equipment, or purchase assets that benefit your practice for the long-term.

Understanding your business goals helps us work with you to tailor the right finance for your needs. With the right solution, your repayments and length of term are set at the perfect pace for you.

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Why work with Vestone Capital?

  • A quick and easy credit and settlement process
  • Access tailored solutions that meet your budgetary needs
  • More certainty from fixed payments over the lease term
  • A dedicated support team, providing end-to-end support
  • View and manage your technology and equipment through our online asset management platform – ViewPoint

Frequently Asked Questions

What information will I need to provide in my asset finance application?

Vestone Capital has a dedicated, low doc finance matrix for healthcare professionals, such as Medical Specialists, General Practitioners and Allied Health Professionals for specific types of assets. As part of the application process, you will need to provide your business details, contact information, and details of the assets that you wish to finance. If further information is required to support the assessment of the application, our team will be in touch to let you know. 

Does Vestone offer sale and leaseback on assets?

Yes, Vestone Capital considers the sale and leaseback of certain assets up to 6 months old subject to meeting credit requirements We can also help with environmentally friendly asset disposal for older assets that you may have. To find out more, please get in touch with our team.

Will I need to place a deposit to take out asset finance?

No. There is no requirement to place a deposit for asset finance with Vestone Capital. 

Will this medical equipment leasing option align with my organisation's sustainability targets?

Vestone Capital’s Sustainability Committee is leading the way in making sustainable decisions for our business, and our core equipment finance product supports a circular economy model that assists our clients in decreasing their carbon emissions and minimising e-waste in landfills. We also offer finance solutions for businesses looking to incorporate environmentally friendly assets and renewable energy. 

Do you provide finance for small medical practices?

Yes, Vestone Capital works with organisations of all sizes ranging from SME medical practices to large medical practices such as public hospitals. 

What are my options at the end of the finance term?

Chattel Mortgage: A chattel mortgage is a secured business loan taken out to finance assets and may include a balloon payment at the end of term. At the end of the contracted term, considering all repayments and the balloon has been paid, you will receive full ownership and title the assets.  Operating Lease: Another product option you may consider for asset financing is an operating lease. Under an operating lease, you make periodic lease payments to use the assets over the lease term. At the end of lease term, you have access to flexible options including: 


  • return the assets (subject to return conditions) 
  • extend the lease – either on a casual or fixed term basis 
  • purchase the equipment at Fair Market Value (as determined by Vestone Capital). 

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