Asset finance for schools and education providers

Transform learning with the latest education technology

From interactive whiteboards and projectors to laptops and tablets, education equipment financing allows your institution to stay ahead of the curve and provide your students with the best possible education. With flexible repayment options available, asset finance for education is an affordable way to upgrade your facility and ensure that your students have access to the latest technology. 

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Who do we work with in the education sector?

Vestone Capital offers a variety of financing options to suit the needs of different schools and education providers. Whether you’re looking for a lease, loan or other type of education equipment financing, Vestone Capital can work with you to find a solution that fits your budget and goals.

We provide education technology finance solutions for a wide range of educational institutions, including:

  • Independent schools
  • Catholic schools
  • Government schools
  • Universities
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What educational technology and school equipment do we finance?

Vestone Capital has experience in financing innovative technology solutions in addition to other educational equipment. This includes:

  • Computers, laptops and monitors
  • AV equipment
  • Software
  • Interactive whiteboards
  • Printing equipment
  • Solar equipment
  • Playground equipment
  • Lab equipment
  • Plus more…
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What options for asset finance for schools do we offer?

Take advantage of finance options that allow you to regularly upgrade outdated and depreciating equipment, or purchase assets that benefit your practice for the long-term.

Understanding your business goals helps us work with you to tailor the right finance for your needs. With the right solution, your repayments and length of term are set at the perfect pace for you.

  • Rental and operating lease
  • Chattel mortgage
  • Finance lease
  • Select a term from 12 – 72 months

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Why work with Vestone Capital?

  • A quick and easy credit and settlement process
  • Access tailored solutions that meet your budgetary needs
  • More certainty from fixed payments over the lease term
  • A dedicated support team, providing end-to-end support
  • View and manage your technology and equipment through our online asset management platform – ViewPoint

Frequently Asked Questions

What information will I need to provide in my asset finance application?

As part of the application process, we will ascertain your anticipated asset finance spend for the next 12 months so that an appropriate credit limit can be set up to meet your finance needs. Once established, we will require your last two years financial statements for credit assessment – if this information is publicly available there is no need for you to provide this to us. 

Let us know what asset you would like to finance and over what term and we will do the rest.  

If further information is required to support the assessment of the application, our team will be in touch to let you know. 

Does Vestone offer sale and leaseback on assets?

Yes, Vestone Capital considers the sale and leaseback of certain assets up to 6 months old subject to meeting credit requirements 

We can also help with environmentally friendly asset disposal for older assets that you may have. To find out more, please get in touch with our team.

Will I need to place a deposit to take out asset finance?

No. There is no requirement to place a deposit for asset finance with Vestone Capital. 

How will the asset leasing option help me align with my organisation’s sustainability targets?

Vestone Capital’s  Sustainability Committee is leading the way in making sustainable decisions for our business and customer product offering. Our asset leasing product offers customers a sustainable finance solution as it supports principles of a circular economy where assets are used by customers, returned to us at the end of lease and the life of the asset extended or responsibly recycled. This option assists our clients in decreasing their carbon emissions and e-waste that often ends up in landfills. 

We also offer finance solutions for businesses looking to finance energy efficient and renewable energy assets such as solar panels, HVACs and EV charging stations.

Will this leasing option be tailored to my industry?

Businesses in the education industry may require specific solutions that align with their budget (grants), seasonality – school terms & holidays, and technology upgrades to ensure that they provide the latest technology and quality  service to their students and staff. 

Our team has extensive experience in the education industry, providing innovative solutions and valuable guidance to our clients including Independent, Catholic and Government schools.   

Vestone Capital offers an education specific Master Rental Agreement and flexible end of term options that complement the specific requirements of the education industry.  

Explore our finance solutions to find out more about our leasing options. 

What happens at the end of the finance term?

At the end of term, on a rental/operating lease, you will have access the following options: 


  • Return the assets (subject to return conditions)
  • Extend the lease – either on a casual or fixed term basis
  • Purchase the equipment at Fair Market Value (as determined by Vestone Capital). 


We understand the importance of flexibility for education institutions at the end of term, that’s why : 


  • We factor in the expected condition of the returned equipment when we price your transaction.  
  • We understand that sometimes our clients will not be able to return assets on specific days so we will work with you to tailor a solution that suits your circumstance. 
  • We are transparent around the end of term process – if you want an end of term purchase price up front – just ask, we can provide this to you.   
  • We do not require original boxes or ancillary equipment (keyboards, mice etc) to be returned with the assets.   


We value strong long-term relationships with our clients and will invest time in working with you to tailor an asset finance solution that meets the needs of your institution. 

The Vestone Capital difference

How businesses purchase and use their business-critical assets has changed. It is about time the finance industry changed as well. Your options do not need to end with the type of finance you choose. Taking your situation into account, our Vestone Capital team can provide more choice and help you find the best equipment finance solution for your business.

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Asset lifecycle management

Owning and managing technology can be difficult and time-consuming. Our lifecycle services allow you to refresh your hardware and seamlessly dispose of out-date equipment – allowing you to focus on what’s important.

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Managed services

With deep expertise in technology finance, we understand the importance of providing managed service options ideal for businesses who require simple and flexible hardware and services solutions.

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Complete finance solutions

Gain even more flexibility to tailor a finance solution to your business goals, with access to our escrow facilities, dial-up and dial-down options, sale-and-leaseback, and usage-based solutions.

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