Sustainable IT Equipment Finance

Sustainable business practices are increasingly becoming a focus for our clients, with a circular economy model playing a component in ESG policies. Our asset finance leasing solution promotes the circular economy model by ensuring that any technology assets that are returned at the end of lease are reused or recycled, reducing the amount of e-waste going into landfills.

We'll help you reduce your e-waste

88% of the computers purchased in Australia every year will end up in landfill, contributing to the 140,000+ tonnes of e-waste generated by Australians every year*.
Alongside our e-waste recycling partner, we can provide you with the opportunity to redeploy or recycle your technology assets at the end of lease term.

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End of lease flexibility

At the end of lease term clients have the flexibility to extend the useful life of their asset by continuing to lease, purchase it if there is a need to continue using it beyond the lease term, or return the asset to us.

Reuse or recycle assets

Once your asset is no longer of use to your business, our asset lifecycle management services ensure that it does not end up in landfill. Used assets can either be remarketed to customers in the secondary market - extending their lifecycle, or the core metals and components are broken down and recycled if they are no longer functional.

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Secure disposal

Benefit from access to market-leading asset disposal services and eliminate the costs of holding and managing obsolete equipment. Our service providers can assist you to ensure risk management and regulatory policies are met when destroying sensitive data.

Why choose Vestone Capital for sustainable IT finance

Meet sustainability goals

As one of Australia’s leading sustainable technology leasing providers, Vestone Capital understands the importance of transitioning to a more environmentally friendly and energy-efficient future. We are committed to helping businesses achieve this vision. Our team of experts works closely with clients to assess their needs and design financing solutions that meet their sustainability goals. From renewable energy systems to energy-efficient buildings and low-emission vehicles, we provide the financing necessary to acquire assets that are not only good for the environment, but also good for business.

Increase energy efficiency of IT equipment

With the ever-growing demand for technology, it is essential for companies to adopt energy-efficient IT solutions that support sustainable technology lifecycle management in order to reduce their carbon footprint and lower energy costs. We understand the challenges businesses face in acquiring new IT equipment, and offer flexible financing solutions that make it easy to upgrade to more energy-efficient technology.

Improve brand for stakeholders and customers

By committing to sustainability at all levels, businesses can demonstrate their commitment to reducing their impact on the environment and improving the communities they serve. Vestone Capital provides end-to-end sustainable solutions that empower businesses to not only reduce their environmental impact, but also improve their brand image and reputation.

Access new markets and investment opportunities

With our finance solutions, businesses can access the latest technology without having to make large upfront investments. This opens up new market opportunities, allowing businesses to focus on growth and innovation while also positioning themselves as leaders in their industry.

Stay on top of regulatory landscape

With a deep understanding of industry regulations and compliance requirements, Vestone Capital can help businesses stay up-to-date and compliant with the latest standards in their IT equipment and software. Our range of sustainable solutions also actively support businesses in reducing their carbon footprint while simultaneously meeting and exceeding compliance requirements set forth by regulatory bodies.

A trusted partner in sustainable IT finance

Vestone Capital has established itself as a trusted partner in sustainable IT financing by consistently delivering innovative financing solutions that support both business growth and environmental sustainability. By accessing environmentally friendly technology and equipment, businesses can better stay ahead of the curve and demonstrate their genuine commitment to sustainability.

Frequently asked questions

What experience do you have in sustainably providing IT equipment and software finance?

Vestone Capital has extensive experience in providing sustainable asset finance. Our business model is built on sustainability and we take a holistic approach to the entire financing process, from sourcing technology to responsible disposal. Our leasing product is designed to promote the circular economy and extend the lifecycle of technology assets, reducing waste and reducing the need for frequent replacements. At the end of the lease, we take responsibility for the responsible recycling of technology assets, ensuring that valuable resources are recovered and reused.

We are also committed to offsetting our carbon footprint and actively work towards reducing our impact on the environment. Recently, we partnered with Greenfleet, a leading environmental non-profit organisation, to donate trees to reforestation projects on behalf of our clients.

What are the main sustainability criteria that you use to evaluate potential investments?

Our business model is designed to extend the life of the assets our customers finance through us, minimising excess waste and promoting sustainability. This not only reduces the environmental impact of the asset, but also saves our customers money in the long run.

How do you assess the financial and environmental risks and opportunities associated with different investments?

We recognise the importance of identifying, assessing, and managing material environmental and social risks as an integral part of conducting business.

To ensure that we make informed investment decisions, we conduct comprehensive risk assessments for all new clients and counterparties. This process involves screening for environmental and social risks, as well as a review of their business practices and track record. This helps us to identify any potential risks or opportunities associated with the investment and make informed decisions about whether or not to proceed.

Are you able to provide tailored IT financing solutions that are customised to the specific needs and goals of our organisation?

As the industries we work with are incredibly diverse, we offer tailored IT financing solutions that are customised to the specific needs and goals of each organisation. Our leasing solutions are designed to be as flexible as possible, allowing you to choose the terms and conditions that work best for your organisation’s needs and goals.

Do you also assist with grants or other government incentives to help us achieve our sustainability goals?


Can you provide examples of sustainable asset financing projects that you have completed in the past?

Vestone Capital has a wealth of experience in providing sustainable asset financing solutions. Our leasing solutions have been used to address ESG goals for government, large corporates, private, and independent schools.

For example, we have provided financing for a range of energy-efficient and renewable energy assets, including electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, e-forklifts, HVAC systems, LED lighting, and solar panels. These assets not only help our customers meet their sustainability goals, but also improve their overall energy efficiency and reduce costs.

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