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Access energy savings with equipment finance from Vestone Capital

Maximise your business’s potential for growth and efficiency by leveraging Vestone Capital’s energy equipment finance solutions. As a trusted partner for businesses across industries, we understand the critical role that cutting-edge equipment plays in driving productivity and profitability. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your existing machinery, implement renewable energy solutions, or optimise your energy consumption, our tailored energy equipment financing options provide the financial flexibility you need.

Why finance energy assets?

Maintain cash flow

Rather than making a large upfront capital investment, our flexible renewable energy asset finance options allow you to spread the cost of equipment over time. This way, you can preserve working capital and maintain liquidity while still acquiring the energy equipment necessary to drive your business forward.

Spread the cost of equipment

Investing in energy equipment can be a significant financial commitment. However, with our renewable energy asset finance solutions, you have the opportunity to spread the cost of your investments over a period that aligns with your cash flow and revenue streams.

Tax benefits

Depending on your circumstances and the specific financing arrangement, you may be eligible to take advantage of tax incentives, such as depreciation allowances or tax credits, that can significantly reduce your overall tax liability.

Get the latest energy equipment

Financing your energy assets through Vestone Capital enables you to access cutting-edge equipment without tying up your capital in long-term investments. Continually upgrade energy infrastructure to take advantage of advancements in energy efficiency, ensuring that your business remains at the forefront of innovation.

Asset management

Our team of professionals will assist you in effectively tracking and maintaining your energy equipment throughout its lifecycle. This includes regular maintenance, monitoring energy consumption, and implementing strategies for efficiency improvements.

We understand your goals

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Length of term

Whether you require short-term financing for a specific project or a longer-term arrangement for ongoing equipment needs, we can customise the length of the term to align with your goals.

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Our energy equipment financing team will work with you to design a repayment plan that ensures ease and convenience. To balance flexibility with stability, our repayment plans can be tailored to align with your revenue streams, seasonal fluctuations, or specific cash flow requirements

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Type of asset

From solar panels and wind turbines to energy-efficient HVAC systems and advanced manufacturing equipment, our team has extensive knowledge and experience in financing various energy assets. This allows us to structure customised renewable energy asset finance solutions that match your specific requirements.

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Staying up to date

When you partner with Vestone Capital, you gain access to our deep industry insights. Our team will assist you in identifying and procuring the most cutting-edge equipment available, allowing you to regularly update your energy assets.

Energy assets we finance

Vestone Capital finances a wide range of assets, including:
  • Microgrids
  • Commercial solar
  • Biomass and biogas
  • Battery energy storage
  • Alternative energy storage
  • Building sensors
  • Energy efficient lighting systems
  • Cooling and heating systems
  • Electric Vehicle infrastructure
  • Solar PV systems
  • Power factor correction
  • Voltage optimisation
  • Building management systems
  • Battery storage
  • Gas engines
  • Metering and metering infrastructure

Our financial products

Rental and operating leases

Vestone Capital offers rental and operating lease options to help businesses acquire energy equipment without having to purchase it outright. With rental leases, you can rent the equipment you need for a fixed period, and return it at the end of the lease term. You also have the option to purchase the equipment at the end of the lease term for a pre-agreed price.

Chattel mortgage

Our chattel mortgage options are designed for businesses seeking ownership of their energy equipment from the outset. With a chattel mortgage, you can secure the equipment using the asset as collateral. This energy equipment financing solution allows you to spread the cost of the equipment over a predetermined term while enjoying the benefits of ownership. Once the mortgage is fully repaid, you gain full ownership of the asset.

Finance lease

With this type of financial product, Vestone Capital purchases the energy equipment on your behalf and leases it to you for an agreed-upon term. Throughout the lease term, you make regular lease payments. At the end of the lease term, you have the option to either return the equipment, upgrade to the latest models, or negotiate a purchase price to acquire ownership of the equipment.

Giving you more choice

How businesses purchase and use their business-critical assets has changed. It is about time the finance industry changed as well. Your options do not need to end with the type of finance you choose. Taking your situation into account, our Vestone Capital team can provide more choice.

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Asset lifecycle management

Owning and managing energy equipment can be difficult and time-consuming. Our asset lifecycle management solutions allow you to refresh your technology and seamlessly dispose of out-date equipment – enabling you to focus on what’s important.

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Managed services

With deep expertise in sustainable asset financing, we understand the importance of providing managed service options ideal for businesses who require simple and flexible energy equipment financing solutions.

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Complete finance solutions

Gain even more flexibility to tailor another finance solution to your business goals, with access to our escrow facilities, dial-up and dial-down options, sale-and-leaseback, and usage-based solutions.

Frequently asked questions

Can I finance both new and used energy equipment?

Yes, we offer financing solutions for both new and used energy equipment.

What are the requirements for getting energy equipment finance from Vestone Capital?

You will need to provide your business details, contact information, and details of the assets that you wish to finance in your application. If further information is required to support the assessment of the application, our team will be in touch to let you know.

Is collateral required to finance energy equipment through Vestone Capital?

Collateral requirements for financing energy equipment through Vestone Capital may vary depending on the specific financing solution and the circumstances of the transaction. In some cases, collateral may be required to secure the financing, while in other instances, alternative arrangements may be available.

For certain financing options like chattel mortgages, the energy equipment being financed often serves as the collateral itself. This means that the equipment you are purchasing acts as security for the loan.

How do I apply for a loan with Vestone Capital?

You can either apply to Vestone Capital directly, or through your finance broker.

Once your application is submitted, our team of experts will review it promptly. We may reach out to you for additional information or clarification if needed. After a thorough evaluation, we will present you with financing options tailored to your needs and discuss the terms and conditions.

How long does it take for a finance application to be approved?

Our goal is to provide a decision within 48 hours of receiving a completed application.

How much can I borrow to finance energy equipment?

The amount you can borrow to finance energy equipment with Vestone Capital will depend on several factors, including your business’s financial standing, the specific equipment you wish to finance, and the terms and conditions of the loan. We offer a range of financing options to accommodate businesses of various sizes and industries.

What happens at the end of the lease or finance term?

At the end of the lease or finance term with Vestone Capital, the course of action will depend on the type of financing arrangement you have chosen.

For rental or operating leases, you typically have a few options. You can choose to return the equipment to Vestone Capital, thereby concluding the lease agreement. Alternatively, you may have the opportunity to renew the lease for an extended term or upgrade to newer equipment models. In some cases, there may also be an option to purchase the equipment at a pre-agreed price.

If you have chosen a chattel mortgage or equipment finance lease, the end of the term signifies the completion of your loan obligations. Once the final payment is made, you gain full ownership of the equipment. From that point onward, you have the freedom to continue using the equipment, modify it according to your needs, or explore other possibilities such as selling or trading it.


It’s important to carefully review the terms and conditions of your specific lease or finance agreement with Vestone Capital to fully understand the options available to you at the end of the term.

What happens if we default on our lease or loan?

If you have any questions about what happens if you default on your renewable energy asset finance loan, we recommend reviewing the terms and conditions of your loan agreement.

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