Sustainable Asset Finance

At Vestone Capital, we are committed to sustainability in both our business practices and in the products and services we offer to our clients. To bring our vision of becoming a net zero emissions company to life, we prioritise forming partnerships with organisations that share our values.

Spotlight on Sustainability

Climate change is a global issue at the forefront of our minds at Vestone Capital. We aim to minimise the environmental impact of our operations and work towards becoming a net-zero emissions organisation. Our Sustainability Committee takes a proactive approach in driving change and innovation in our business practices, from offering a circular economy based financing product to financing renewable energy and energy-efficient assets. We understand the importance of promoting sustainable business practices, not only for our own organisation, but for our clients as well. That’s why our finance solutions are designed to provide businesses with a sustainable, responsible and environmentally-friendly way of financing equipment.
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Greenfleet Partnership

We are proud to be partnering with Greenfleet, a leading not-for-profit environmental organisation, to support native ecosystem restoration and environmental outcomes through native reforestation projects.

Why choose Vestone Capital for sustainable finance

Increase energy efficiency

Our team has industry expertise in renewable energy and energy efficient assets, providing funding for assets such as commercial solar panels, electric vehicle charging stations, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Units (HVACs) and other energy saving assets.

A trusted partner in sustainable finance

Vestone Capital has earned a reputation as a reliable partner in sustainable IT financing by offering cutting-edge financing solutions that foster business growth and environmental sustainability. Our dedicated Sustainability Committee actively works to enhance our business practices and decisions, such as our 5.5 star NABERS energy rated office building at Angel Place, and continuously explores new and innovative ways to offer green asset finance products to our clients.

We finance:

IT equipment and software

- Computers, laptops and tablets
- Networking equipment
- Servers
- Storage systems
- Telecommunication systems
- Printing and scanning systems
- Software
- Audio and video equipment

Green energy assets

- Solar panels
- Energy storage systems
- Energy-efficient lighting
- Energy-efficient vehicles
- Electric vehicle charging stations
- Energy management systems
- Other renewable asset finance solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

What experience do you have in providing sustainable asset finance?

Vestone Capital has extensive experience in providing sustainable asset finance.  

Our leasing product offers customers a sustainable way to finance assets and built around the principles of a circular economy. For assets returned at the end of lease, we may extend the life of the assets or responsibly dispose or recycle it. 

We are also committed to reducing our impact on the environment and have partnered with Greenfleet, a leading environmental non-profit organisation to plant trees  in support of Australian reforestation projects.  

How do you assess the financial and environmental risks and opportunities associated with different investments?

We recognise the importance of identifying, assessing, and managing material environmental and social risks as an integral part of conducting business. 

To ensure that we make informed decision when assessing customer asset finance opportunities, we conduct comprehensive risk assessments for all new customers. This process involves screening for environmental and social risks, a review of their business practices and track record. This assessment helps us identify any potential risks or opportunities associated with and allows us to make informed decisions. 

Are you able to provide tailored IT financing solutions that are customised to the specific needs and goals of our organisation?

With a range of flexible end of lease options, our leasing solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate into any business model, regardless of industry. Explore our finance solutions to find out more. 

Do you also assist with grants or other government incentives to help us achieve our sustainability goals?


Can you provide examples of sustainable asset financing projects that you have completed in the past?

Vestone Capital has a wealth of experience in providing sustainable asset financing solutions. Our leasing solutions have been used to address ESG goals for government, large corporates, private, and independent schools. 

We offer clients with a finance solutions for a range of energy-efficient and renewable energy assets, including electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, electric forklifts, HVAC systems, LED lighting, and solar panels. These assets can not only help our customers meet their sustainability goals, but also improve their overall energy efficiency and reduce costs. 

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